Property Checks offers two basic packages starting at $18/per check


Our Exterior Basic Packages

Weekly Check
$18 per/check, based on a one month minimum.

Twice Monthly Check
$23 per/check, based on a two month minimum.

Monthly Check
$28 per/check, based on a three month minimum.

Our clients receive a monthly statement with the checklist we performed and a digital date stamped verification photo.


**Ask Us About Our Special Group Rates**


Our Basic Exterior Check Includes

  • A complete walk around of your house/cottage and out buildings to ensure all windows and doors are secure
  • A check of the general condition of the exterior and to check for possible pest intrusions
  • Check roof snow depth
  • A check for fallen limbs and branches from wind effects

Our Basic Exterior / Interior Check Includes

  • Everything in our basic exterior check plus:
    • A check of the general condition of the interior for any water leaks or pest intrusion problems
    • Appliance checks
    • Heating check
    • Plumbing check

Customized Packages may include checking

  • after your home alarm sounds
  • an elderly relative or friend
  • after a power outage
  • after an ice or wind storm
  • your mail and newspapers




Programs can be adjusted to meet your needs

  • An additional $10.00 charge per check for clients that don’t meet the minimum requirements
  • An additional charge may occur for clients outside the serviced area
  • An additional charge may apply for any special requests outside the normal service
  • All checks include a date stamped verification photo

Hazardous Conditions

Property Checks reserves the right to modify its checks of cottages in hazardous conditions that result in but not limited to road closures, heavy snow drifting or above average snowfalls. In this situation, Property Checks will do a visual inspection at the closest point possible and will take a date stamped verification photo or will complete the check at a later date.

What our clients are saying about our services

Thanks for checking on our cottage in the winter months when we are not able to do it ourselves, it’s comforting to know our property is being looked after.


We really appreciate you checking on our cottage after the recent storm and power outage. We also enjoyed the photo you took to verify your check.


Home or Cottage, you name it, we’ll be there.

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